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 Marie H. Collins WMS 

Debra Daniel-Purnell

WMS President

The Marie H. Collins Women's Missionary Society (WMS)

The women's missionary society at St Paul AME Clinton is named in honor of long time faithful and dedicated servant of the Lord, Mrs. Marie Hardeman Collins of Gray, Ga.  Mrs. Collins received this honor at a special ceremony held at St Paul in 2005.  Mrs. Collins has been a member of St Paul AME Clinton her entire life and has served with distinction as a Church Steward for over fifty years.  

Mrs.  W Marie Hardeman Collins departed this life on May 13, 2017.   The Missionary Society had established a WMS Scholarship in honor of the Hardemans.  The Scholarship is given to Seniors and college students to help defray the cost of college books for members of  St. Paul AME Church. 

          The local WMS is currently under the strong and dynamic leadership of WMS President, Sister Debra Daniel-Purnell.   She coordinates a monthly "Young People Moment" ensuring that meaningful words of wisdom are always presented to the youth of St. Paul.  The primary goal of the WMS at St Paul is to strengthen our faith and continue the ministry of Jesus Christ by service to others.  The St Paul WMS is committed to support the mission of the church, build and maintain a caring community.  WMS members care for each other, the world and God.  Our primary purpose is to know God through worship, prayer and study.  To understand God's working in the world and to sensitize ourselves to issues such as hunger, injustice and all social ills which grieve God's heart.  Our primary duties are to find and use the gifts of each woman in the church; to develope a creative, supportive Women's Missionary Society; to expand the mission of the church, and to embrace and be supportive of the Young People's Division of the church.   

Missionary Past President, Sis. Brenda Phillips briefs the congregation on news affecting the WMS. 

WMS Benediction


"In the name of the triune God, may the spirit of Christian mission, enter every heart, this we ask in Jesus name, Amen."



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